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    "Sharp, intelligent, knowledgeable..."

    "I connected with Inna through a referral from my brother-in-law. My ex-wife brought a motion to change that would have reduced access to my daughter even though my access schedule was about to increase to include overnights. My ex-wife tried everything to undermine my legitimacy as a father. I was not happy with the work my previous lawyer had done. The previous lawyer rarely called me and I only had contact with him minutes before court appearances. He took what my ex-spouse said about me at face value without listening to my side of the story. I was in need of real help. I needed a family law lawyer who I could trust, who would be honest with me, but above all, who could build a strong case. I had high expectations and Inna far exceeded them.


    "Right from the beginning, Inna was sharp, intelligent, knowledgeable, and her ability to understand the opposing parties’ motivations never ceased to amaze me. Not only did she analyze every little detail, she was always three steps ahead. She was proactive, thoroughly considered my values, and strongly negotiated with the opposing party. Her advice always lead to the best course of action, whether it be for the short term, or long term outcomes.


    "Despite my ex’s efforts to remove me and my parents’ from my daughter’s life, thanks to Inna’s work, my daughter and I have a very strong bond and she is able develop a meaningful and close relationship with both me and her extended family . Prior to the Court Order, due to my ex-spouse’s constant attempts to undermine my daughter’s relationship with me and her extended family, my daughter was a fearful and mistrusting child. Today, as a result of my daughter’s relationship with her extended family, my daughter was able to develop into a happy, confident, and sociable child."


    - Julian V.

    "...Tsinman was friendly, caring and compassionate..."

    "I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Tsinman for all the help and guidance she provided me during one of the most difficult times in my life. A coworker of mine recommended Tsinman Law based on her previous experience with this firm. Mrs. Tsinman was friendly, caring and compassionate when it came to the sensitive details of my case. My husband was very abusive towards me and threatened to take my youngest son away to live with him overseas. My case was complicated as it had criminal and immigration issues. Mrs. Tsinman assisted me in navigating the legal system and dealing with a very aggressive opposing counsel. Ms. Tsinman helped me to pursue my rights without fear. Inna went above and beyond to make sure that my rights and interests were protected and I could not be more satisfied with the results she achieved. I would not hesitate to recommend Tsinman Law to anyone who is looking for a competent and caring family lawyer."


    - N.B.

    "....her quality of work was exceptional and she was willing to explain..."

    "I was referred to Inna by my corporate lawyer. I first retained Inna to provide me with a second opinion on the work that was done by another lawyer who was assisting me with my divorce. As a result of her honest and professional work, I decided to retain Inna once again to help me to negotiate a marriage contract.


    "From the start, Inna was prompt and always responded to any questions or concerns I had. Coming from a family of considerable wealth, I needed someone who would have a good grasp of complex property and support issues. At first, I was hesitant signing another contract since in my previous marriage our contract became a divisive issue and the ill feelings that remained as a result of the negotiations eventually contributed to our divorce being even more difficult. However, rather than seeing our contract as a tool to be used only during separation, Inna advised us to negotiate our contract to help my husband and I build a concrete roadmap for our future and resolve any differences we had about our goals and values before we tied the knot.


    "I found this approach to be very helpful as it brought my husband and I much closer and protected us from any issues that may have emerged if Inna wasn’t there to address them. I found that Inna was readily available and immediately answered all emails and phone calls without hesitation. Her quality of work was exceptional and she was willing to explain legal terms in a way I could understand. Thanks to Inna, my husband and I are able to move on and enjoy our marriage."


    - Olga K.

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