Our mission is to legally and financially transform and empower individuals through the separation process.

    How can I get a divorce? Who will get parenting time with my kids? How long is the process? What is the difference between decision making and custody?


    Divorce and family law related matters can stir up many questions, causing a lot of stress and concern. We help break down the issues so that you can navigate the complexities of your family matter and move towards a resolution.


    Based in Toronto and serving professions in both Toronto and Ottawa, we are a boutique family law practice.


    Here's what Tsinman Law clients are saying...

    "Sharp, intelligent, knowledgeable..."

    "...Right from the beginning, Inna was sharp, intelligent, knowledgeable, and her ability to understand the opposing parties’ motivations never ceased to amaze me. Not only did she analyze every little detail, she was always three steps ahead. She was proactive, thoroughly considered my values, and strongly negotiated with the opposing party. Her advice always lead to the best course of action, whether it be for the short term, or long term outcomes...." - Julian V. - Read more...

    "...Tsinman was friendly, caring and compassionate..."

    "A coworker of mine recommended Tsinman Law based on her previous experience with this firm. Mrs. Tsinman was friendly, caring and compassionate when it came to the sensitive details of my case. My husband was very abusive towards me and threatened to take my youngest son away to live with him overseas. My case was complicated as it had criminal and immigration issues. Mrs. Tsinman assisted me in navigating the legal system and dealing with a very aggressive opposing counsel..." - N.B. - Read more...

    "....her quality of work was exceptional and she was willing to explain..."

    "I found this approach to be very helpful as it brought my husband and I much closer and protected us from any issues that may have emerged if Inna wasn’t there to address them. I found that Inna was readily available and immediately answered all emails and phone calls without hesitation. Her quality of work was exceptional and she was willing to explain legal terms in a way I could understand. Thanks to Inna, my husband and I are able to move on and enjoy our marriage..." - Olga K - Read more...

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