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Services Offered by Divorce Lawyers in Toronto

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Divorce lawyers in Toronto, as the name suggests, primarily deal with the legalities involved in the separation of married couples. There are many issues prior and subsequent to a divorce for which divorce lawyers can extend their services. Some of these areas and services include:

  • Spousal Support: Spousal support is the amount of money you or your spouse is eligible to regularly receive in the case of a divorce. Spousal support is money paid by one spouse to the other after they separate. The conditions applicable to spousal and the amount of money that you can get post-separation depend on many intricacies that your divorce lawyer can explain. An example of an individual who is eligible for spousal support is someone who had to give up a career opportunity to take care of the household and children.
  • Child Custody: Any issues related to child custody are also handled by divorce lawyers. Child custody may be sole, joint, or split depending upon the court’s decision or the conditions agreed upon between both parties in the case.
  • Child Support: A divorce lawyer will analyze your case to determine if either party is required to pay for basic and/or special child support. Basic child support payments include primary needs of the children such as clothes, food, and shelter. Special or extraordinary child support focuses on payments for special activities such as after-school programs in sports and/or arts.
  • Calculation of the Equalization Payment: A divorce lawyer will not only advise you on the amount of the equalization payment to which you are eligible to receive but will also help you in making a legal claim.

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